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Summer 2007 We traveled a lot. First we went camping in Italy. And in September we visited our friends in Chile and Argentina. Urlaub
Winter 2006/2007 This year there is not much snow. Therefore you have to use every opportunity for having some fun in the snow! Moreover it is time for our first children´s carnival! Look, I am a ladybug! Carnival
Christmas 2006 We are four of us this Christmas! Advent
December 9th,2006 Alexandra´s relatives visit us from Bürgstadt! Miriam was here!
October 25th, 2006 Fiona has a brother! Our son Matthias is born! Matthias is born!
October 10th, 2006 Another year has passed by. Fiona celebrates her second Birthday today! Today I am Two!
September 2006 It is time! O´zapft is! Here we go! This is the second year Fiona visits the biggest beer festival in the world. Oktoberfest 2006
Summer 2006 It is summer! Fiona enjoys life in the sun and the adults enjoy the Football World Championship. Right on time for the beginning of the tournament our friends from Chile visited us. Summer 2006
June 2006 Soon foursome! Here is the report. Superchecker 4
Easter 2006 The Easter bunny was here! Look, what I have found! Easter
December 24th, 2005 It is Christmas! Fiona celebrates together with her grandparents. Christmas 2005
November 26th, 2005 The Rassl Family starts for their first holiday. They travel to Egypt for two weeks. Our vacation in Egypt
November 21st, 2005 Robert is awarded for his doctoral thesis. He receives the Joseph-Stroebl-Preis at the Bavarian Minister-President´s Office! Joseph-Stroebl-Preis
October 10th, 2005 Yippee! Now I am one year old! Fiona celebrates her first Birthday! My first birthday
September 2005 Fiona visits the Oktoberfest! Here are the pictures. Fiona & Robert at the Oktoberfest
January 1st, 2005 The parents have to know it now! Who does our Fiona take after? Please visit our internet survey. Fiona
December 31st, 2004 We said Good Bye to the year 2004 together with our friends. See here some pictures. New Year's eve 2004
November 15th, 2004 We put two short videos with Fiona in the Internet. If you enabled JavaScript in your Browser then just click here. Fiona on video
October 18th, 2004 Fiona moved to us the day before yesterday and today she had her first walk with us! Visit our Home story. Unser erster Ausflug
October 10th, 2004 We are in a threesome! Fiona Viktoria was born at 10:11 pm. Mother and daughter are in good health. Father is very proud and happy. Visit Fiona's page. Wir drei
July 31st, 2004 A doctor's degree must be celebrated appropriately. Therefore we invited everyone who contributed to this success. You can visit our official Rassl´s doctor page. BBQ
July 26th, 2004 It is done! By passing the oral doctor´s degree examination he closes the long chapter called doctor graduation and is now allowed to call himself Dr. Robert Rassl. doctor's degree
July 1st, 2004 Robert starts a new period of life: from today on he works for BMW and helps to improve the diagnosis in automobiles.

BMW Group  
May 12th, 2004 Robert celebrates his birthday with a BBQ party in our garden. We had lots of fun! BBQ  
February 21st, 2004 We celebrate carnival in our party cellar Carnival
January 24th, 2004 Alex celebrates her birthday party in our reopened party cellar Alex
January 21st, 2004 Finally Robert passed in his doctor thesis. Now there is only the exam missing and he is done. Title of his thesis:
Distraction of tertiary tasks in cars - System ergonomic analysis and prognosis
December 19th, 2003 Robert´s father is buried. Many family members and friends join him on his last way. grave
December 15th, 2003 Robert´s father dies in hospital. Robert is with him during his last minutes.  
October 18th, 2003 Alexandra and Robert get catholic married in Germany. Friends and family members celebrate together with Elvis. The bridal couple
August 8th, 2003 Robert´s uncle Robert is killed in a car accident in the USA. Uncle Robert