The bread-winner

Golf Golf Golf Golf Golf Golf

Robert at Bali Hi! I am Robert!

As you can see at once, golf is beside my wife and my daughter my biggest passion. I am addicted to it!
Therefore a whole chapter on our homepage is dedicated to my favorite sport.

My wife is a stringent but also patient teacher. Many times she has to hold out in wind and weather for hours and watch me practicing. But with her help I could already solve some of my swing problems.

After four years at the chair of ergonomics at the Technical University of Munich in Garching I completed successfully my PhD. Now I am allowed to call myself Dr.-Ing.

I have worked for BMW since then and I still like it very much at this great company.

I became father for the first time in October 2004! What a pleasure! It is 1000 times better than expected. When I hold my Fiona in my arms I am really delirious with joy.

Because it is so nice being a father we got our son Matthias in October 2006.

As you see there is nothing to complain about right now in my life. Everything is going well and I hope that it will continue like this in the future.

Here is some information about my general preferences:

What I like: What I don´t like:
  • My two ladies Alex and Fiona
  • Golf
  • Vacations with Alex and Fiona
  • Fish (unfortunately we eat not too much of it)
  • Busybodies
  • Liverwurst

As you can see I am a quite companionable guy. Compared to Alex I eat almost everything!

PS: This page was created by my wive. "Come on! Tell me how I can improve my swing!"